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Pacific Coast Sports Medicine, the chiropractic practice of Dr. Raymond Hall, DC, is predicated on a close examination of pain and dysfunction. Specifically, Dr. Hall applies his uniquely synergistic model of treatment to correct dysfunction and thereby eliminate pain.

The first step for the leading Los Angeles chiropractor, Dr. Raymond Hall, DC, is to carefully analyze the problem in the diagnosis phase. This means taking the time with the Pacific Coast Sports Medicine patient to identify every abnormality, be it a chronic or traumatic injury, a habitual kind of damage done to the body, or some other kind of ailment. This way, Dr. Raymond Hall, DC, can have a full understanding of what he's dealing with for the treatment phase.

At Pacific Coast Sports Medicine, during the treatment phase, Dr. Raymond Hall, DC, uses his past experience, as well as building on the past experience of other doctors and current researchers in the field, to develop a personalized treatment plan. Oftentimes this will mean collaborating with an orthopedist, physiatrist, or other specialist outside of Pacific Coast Sports Medicine in order to bring you the optimal health option. Most often, at Pacific Coast Sports Medicine, Dr. Hall chooses highly conservative care such as soft tissue massage, stretching, exercise, physiotherapy, and gentle joint manipulation/restoration.

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